What is the Propel Conference?

Propel is a gathering of like-minded individuals that puts God first, makes relationships a priority, and invites people from all different backgrounds to learn and grow together. Propel brings together seasoned leaders from across our region with decades of ministry experience while embracing the next generation of leaders and preparing them to take the baton and lead with integrity. Propel has become a community of leaders who encourage each other, inspire each other, and care for one another throughout the year.

Thursday, April 26 from 12:30-10:00 PM.
Friday, April 27 from 9:00 AM-10:00 PM.

The cost for the conference is $89.00 per person and $69.00 for early bird registration (by April 1) or groups of 5 or more. Includes entrances to breakouts, general sessions and the meals listed in the schedule.



We don’t all fish from the same pound or for the same fish but our passion is to see people find Jesus. It’s not a one size fits all for there are many ways to bait the hook. It’s often in the practical things of ministry that make us more effective. 


Life is too short to do ministry alone and take too seriously.  We need to laugh and enjoy the journey. It’s amazing how God shows up with answers and encouragement in the middle of fellowship.


Our spiritual heritage of the Word and the Spirit has made us who we are. It is that unity of the faith that brings refreshing from the presence of the Lord. Your faith will be strengthened, your purpose renewed and your direction made more clear.

Propel is a conference like no other.

April 26 & 27, 2018

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A word from Jerry:

Propel 2018 is a conference about Breaking Barriers. We all face them. Real or perceived, personal or professional, they can be crippling and the solution seem evasive when it comes to achieving our God-sized dreams. Some barriers we’ve lived with so long we’re convinced they might be a ‘lid’ God intended for us to accept.

Let us help each other walk toward solutions. No one claims to have it all figured out, but we have put together a group of men and women who have overcome many challenges in business and ministry to share how their successes and failures have brought them to where they are today. We believe we’ll all learn important principles to help ‘lift the lid’!

Propel 2018 is a great place for leaders to bring teams to learn and strategize for their next season in ministry.  Whatever your goals, connecting with others and the time invested seeking God solutions will be energizing as you break barriers headed to the next level in life and ministry.

Jerry Weinzierl
Lead Pastor, Grace Christian Church